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Charles Gregory
Computer/Internet Programmer,
Hamilton Falconwatch Webmaster


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Welcome to my little piece of the web!

I've been working on the internet for over twenty years now. I started out building web pages back when bandwidth was precious and browsers were miserably incompatible. Yes, worse than they are now. (smile)

For about half of this time I was the System Administrator for the Hamilton CommunityNet, which closed down, for lack of community support, in 2010. They donated their servers to the Hamilton Community Peregrine Project, whose website they had been hosting. I continue to administer the HCPP server, and I maintain and operate the FalconCam web pages and the camera equipment, which delivers live video images to a (seasonal) display in Jackson Square, as well as uploading two different webcam views of the nest and environs.

Part of the functionality of the website is to keep an archive of all the photos taken by the two web cameras, organized by date and time. Out of this, custom Perl-based software, the CamerArch archiving system, is being developed. With each improvement to the FalconCam website, I add more configuration controls, so that when it is ready for release, the CamerArch Scripts will be a useful tool for a number of different webcam archiving applications.

You can contact me via e-mail at:

Thanks for visiting!

- Charles