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Charles Gregory
Computer/Internet Programmer,
Hamilton Falconwatch Webmaster


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The Hamilton Community Peregrine Project (FalconCam)

I have been webmaster, system administrator, technician and videographer for the H.C.P.P. since it's inception in 2000. Each year, from March to June (the breeding season), our two cameras, mounted above the Sheraton Hamilton hotel nest ledge, observe and record the development of the baby falcons, from the moment of first egg laying up until the last chick takes flight. The project runs in concert with the Hamilton "FalconWatch" - a group of volunteers who watch from the sidewalks of downtown Hamilton, to make sure the young birds who come to ground are rescued if they are too weak to make a take-off from ground level.

In 2010 we added a second camera, with remote control capabilities, allowing us to capture amazing close-up photos, and capture photos of the newly fledged birds resting on nearby buildings. The website includes an archive, allowing visitors to review recent nesting seasons at any time.. That archive is the prototype for my CamerArch software, currently in development.

Hamilton Community Peregrine Project FalconCam.