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Credits, Disclaimers and Legal Stuff


I made this! I'm old school, so it's all HTML and style sheets. Do you like the look of the menu to the left? No images. All text and style controls. And a bit of javascript to handle mouse roll-overs. Simple stuff, really. Don't know why people have to us bloated code generators.... (smile)


The "funny" items that I have collected on this site has been scrounged from e-mails that have been sent to me over the years, and most arrive without any clear accreditation as to source. They're funny, so I save them. As they have been captured from a 'freely distribtued' medium, I presume that I am likewise free to distribtue them further. But I realize that I may have received something from someone who ignored another's copyright. If you find something like this, kindly contact me, and I will remove the infringing material.

Tasteless Jokes: It seems that a great deal of modern humor takes "shots" at one specific group or another. I may enjoy a joke for its cleverness even though some aspect of it might appear to run down a race, a sex, a religion, etc, etc. I am not racist or bigoted. I just enjoy a good laugh. For example, in real life I have no belief that "blondes" are any more or less intelligent than anyone else. But "blonde jokes" have an iconic silliness. They are fun. So don't get offended. If you don't like the jokes, just move on.

Legal Stuff

With the exception of the uncredited humor material, this entire website and its contents are copyright by Charles Gregory. No portion of this website may be reproduced without my express permission.